This is Serious Business: Rob and Jon's Thanksgiving Bonus Edition!

Rob and Jon sit down after stuffing themselves silly with Thanksgiving goodness to pitch their own versions of Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII.

Break Audio is from pt 1 of Kathleen Kennedy’s sit down with George Lucas.

One response to “This is Serious Business: Rob and Jon's Thanksgiving Bonus Edition!”

  1. Bryan Cole says:

    Here, I’ll tie the two ideas together.

    Mace Windu kills Luke Skywalker at the end of Ep. 7.

    If you could keep it quiet, it’d be great; once Luke shows up, everyone will expect him to be a constant tie to the original trilogy, so his death would floor everyone. Then Ep. 8 can center around Jon’s idea of the Jedi Council’s power struggle and Leia’s daughter struggling to keep the fledgling republic together. Like Lincoln with lightsabers!

    …other than that, my best idea involved Harrison Ford as an old Han Solo in a “Air Force One”-type ripoff on board the Millenium Falcon.

    “Get off my spaceship.”