This is Serious Business: Professional Starcraft Edition!

Marcus and Steve rejoin the panel as we offer Rob a crash course in eSports culture and watching pro Starcraft 2.

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Marcus, Rob, Steve

Table of Contents

0:00 – 3:40 – Intros + experience with SC2/Starcraft
3:40 – 31:50 – Pro-Gaming discussion, spectating, culture, and appeal of Starcraft
31:50 – 50:25 – GSL Code S finals discussion, MC vs Seed
50:25 – 1:01:45 – Final thoughts
1:01:45 – 1:15:45 – Open Discussion, Shoutouts, Wrap-up

Audio Credits

Break one audio is the Terran theme from Blizzard’s Stracraft 2.

Break two audio is NERD ALERT – Void Rays by the awesomely talented Husky and Kurt Hugo Schnieder. Please check out their videos.

The finale audio is PSY’s GANGNAM STYLE.


One response to “This is Serious Business: Professional Starcraft Edition!”

  1. Jon says:

    Did I start a trend with the shout outs?