This is Serious Business: Diablo Edition!

A new group of panelists appears for a Diablo retrospective and beta impressions. All of it just in time for Diablo III!

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Marcus, Steve, Ben

Table of Contents:

0:00-5:55 – Introductions
5:55 – 38:18 – Diablo II Retrospective
38:18 – 1:06:54 – Diablo III Beta Impressions / Discussion
106:54 – 1:14:44 – Open Discussion and Wrap Up

Live from the Berkshires, a Jeff-less gang discusses Ridley Scott’s original Alien, book to movie adaptations, and other delicious nerdery

One response to “This is Serious Business: Diablo Edition!”

  1. Jon Wallace says:

    You guys are all nerds. But I love you all.