Fantasy Summer Box Office 2014

It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual Fantasy Summer Box Office!

The Rules:

Each participate selects movies from the summer’s biggest releases in order to gain points based on box office performance. There are two categories:

Money Picks (3):
These picks earn points based on opening weekend domestic gross. For every million bucks a flick earns, the player earns 1 point.

Bomb Pick (1):
This pick earns points based on poor opening weekend performance compared to a movie’s budget. You take the opening weekend domestic gross as a % of the total budget and you gain the different in points. For example, if a movie cost $50 million and makes $10 million opening weekend (20% of its budget), that’s an 80% deficit. That player then receives 80 points.

Participating players selected their blockbusters in snaking draft format with the following order: Michelle, Rob, Ben, Christin, Jon, Jeff. You can listen to the draft in part 2 of episode 97.

The Stakes:

The winner will receive blu-ray copies of all four of their picks, purchased, of course, by the losers. Since there are six participants this year, the second place finisher will not have to buy.

The Results:

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