This is Serious Business: Sober Star Wars Edition!

Millenium Falcon toy

Ben joins Jeff and JONROB for a sober discussion on Star Wars, including toys, the clone wars, Disney, and the extended universe!

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Ben, Jon, Rob

Also, here’s the white house response to the Death Star petition: Link

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Start – 22:05:- Intros + favorite Star Wars toy
– The Disney Buyout
– Where do we want to see it go?

Part 2: 22:05 – 48:30:
– The Clone Wars: concept, movies, series
– Jedi, old and new- George Lucas and revisionism

Part 3: 48:30 – End:
– When does it end? Or does it end at all?
– Favorite Star Wars thing.
– Open Discussion and wrap

Audio Credits:

Break one audio is the Star Wars title theme by John Williams.

Break two audio is Carrie Fisher roasting George Lucas at the AFI life achievement award.

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