This is Serious Business #62: Jaeger Bomb

This is Serious Business Episode 62

An iron 3 panel takes on nerd news, then is pleasantly surprised with Pacific Rim. Rob hits the hard liquor.

Featuring: Michelle, JONROB

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This episode features audio excerpts from Pacific Rim’s various trailers.

Bonus material can be found on the Tumblr.

  • Bryan

    Re: the Mendes news, it’s not uncommon for Bond movies to share directors. The first 16 movies (1962-89) had 4 unique directors, and Martin Campbell directed both GoldenEye (Brosnan’s debut) and Casino Royale (Craig’s debut).

    • Rob Pilkington

      Damn, I didn’t realize Campbell did GoldenEye, too. That’s wild. I know that the Potter series ended up keeping the same director for a bunch of them, too. It’s not uncommon, just kind of disappointing. Even the original Star Wars trilogy had a new director each time, and was better for it.