This is Serious Business #59: She Blinded me with Science

This is Serious Prism

We welcome guest panelist Alex (check out her Youtube channel, BiteScized) to discuss life according to data, and the science of dreaming.

Featuring: Jeff, Christin, Rob

Special Guest: Alex

Audio Credits:

This episode features audio excerpts from Michael Jackson’s Somebody’s Watching Me (please don’t sue) and Gary Wright’s Dreamweaver.

Bonus material can be found on the Tumblr.

  • Goth Cupcake

    Funny, witty, interesting, entertaining. Definitely with Alex, just started watching Buffy after seeing pretty much everything else Whedon and so far despite being cheesy it’s still fun.

    • Daniel Schealler

      If you’ve been burned by Game of Thrones, then rest assured: In Buffy, there’s totally no need to worry about any of your favorite characters being killed off for dramatic effect. Invest emotionally as hard as you want. It’s all good.

  • Tom

    I switched my smoke detector batteries while listening to the pod cast … I switched them back when I heard the shout-out.