This is Serious Business #56: Summer Screen Time


Seriously busy episode on This is Serious Business. Hannibal got renewed so we don’t have to eat any NBC execs, which it turns out, we weren’t willing to do to get Dan Harmon to return to Community (a resounding “meh” for that), and we need to pick a new Doctor. Doctor who? Yes.

After that we reminisce about some summer blockbuster memories, including midnight showings (spoiler alert: we’re getting old), then cover our fantasy summer box office updates. And of course, we end this show like every show, with our Geek of the Week.

Featuring: Jon, Michelle, Christin, Rob

Audio Credits:

This episode features audio excerpts from Edge of Night on the LOTR soundtrack as well as the theme to Jurrasic Park by John Williams.

Bonus material can be found on the Tumblr.