This is Serious Business #54: Trekin’ Out

This is Serious Business 54 Header

We dive into Into Darkness, that’s right, I said into into.

Featuring: Ben, Laurie, Christin, Jeff

Table of Contents:

Intros: Start – 5:25

Into Darkness p1: 5:25 – 21:00
– General Impressions
– KHANtext
– Remake/Reboot
– How it is (or isn’t) like Prometheus

Intro Darkness p2: 21:00 – 37:55
– What happens next?
– Things that made no sense
– Things that were awesome
– Benedict Cumberbatch

Final Thoughts and Ratings: 37:55 – 44:00

Geek of the week & Wrap: 44:00 – End

Audio Credits:

This episode features excerpts from the Theme to Star Trek (aka “Where No Man has Gone Before”) by Alexander Courage and the Star Trek Main Theme by Michael Giacchino.

Bonus material can be found on the Tumblr.