This is Serious Business #49: Everyone’s a Critic

Ep49 Header

After some unfortunate technical difficulties, the gang dives into nerd news, then discusses the merits of film criticism.

Featuring: Jeff, Laurie, Rob, Marcus

Table of Contents:

Introductions: Start – 1:05

Guess that Starcraft Term! 1:05 – 8:30

Nerd News: 8:30 – 17:30
– WCS changes and IPL Buyout
– Consumerist poll names EA worst US company
– Evil Dead tops box office
– LucasArts shutdown- Roger Ebert passes away

Discussion: Movie Criticism: 17:30 – 34:00

Geek of the week & Wrap: 34:00 – End

Audio Credits:

This episode contains audio segments from CNN’s piece on Roger Ebert’s Legacy and the opening to Siskel and Ebert At the Movies.

Bonus material can be found on the Tumblr.

  • Christin

    The only ever reviews I read with any regularity were by Roger Ebert (his are the first listed on IMDB anyway). I quit around the time V for Vendetta came out because he did harp on one line (“governments should be afraid of their people”) which I felt he misread and it colored his appreciation for a movie I love. But that’s how I read reviews anyway, in the rare cases I do. I see a movie and if I’m still not sure how I feel about it, I’ll read the reviews. Usually someone will have articulated what I was feeling or they’re be so spectacularly wrong I’ll have a gut reaction that helps me form my own counter-opinion.

    So yeah, I disagreed with Ebert a lot but I can appreciate how his opinions helped me shape my own, in one way or another.