This is Serious Business: Indie Game Edition!

Indie Game Header

Jeff, Jon, and Rob dissect Indie Game: The Movie with the ghost of Christin watches over them.

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: JONROB

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Start – 19:55
– Intros
– What’s your favorite Indie thing?- Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, and modern Indie development

Part 2: 19:55 – 54:30
– Indie Game: the Movie discussion
– What was most interesting?
– Did it make us want to play the games?
– The process and people involved
– Criticisms

Part 3: 54:30 – End
– Final thoughts
– What would our own Indie Games be?
– Open Discussion
– Wrap

Audio Credits:

Break one audio is from the official trailer for Indie Game: the Movie.

Break two audio is Maenam by Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz from the Braid OST.