This is Serious Business: The Walking Dead Edition!

The G-1 panel reunited for a Halloween delve into AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Moderator: Jeff

Panelists: Rob, Christin, Jon

Table of Contents:

Part 1: 0:00 – 17:50
– Intros / How familiar with the Walking Dead are you?
– Zombie stuff
– The Pilot and what follows

Part 2: 17:50 – 46:05
– Rick vs Shane, who’s the better leader?
– The Other Survivors
– The CDC Stuff / Zombie Logic

Part 3: 46:05 –
– Season 3!
– Final Thoughts
– Open Discussion
– Wrap

Audio Credits:

Break one audio is the theme to AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Break two audio is the song “Zombie” by the Cranberries.

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